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The website is the front office of your business. It has a huge impact on your business’s overall performance.

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Website Design Pricing in Australia

There are several factors that affect the cost of website design. Max Ideas has been offering very reasonable pricing for website design services in Australia. We consider lot of things while costing a website design and development. Some important pricing factors are user usability and navigation, CMS, eCommerce, support, maintenance, SEO, mobile design, etc. but not limited to these factors only.  

What is included?

Basic Website Package:

We prepare 3-5 pages website that is just enough for you when you are starting a new business or running a small business.

You can also present photos of your products to provide better feel of your products to clients.

Small Website Packages:

We will create a stunning website of up to 20 pages. This will feature products, services, marketing strategies and other important information that you want to showcase for your clients. 

We can also include up to 10 photos of your choice into the website. We can also identify free and paid photos for you.

Other packages have custom features based on negotiations

Do you also write content for us?

The quoted price above does not include content writing. However, we can write you content as well. We have highly qualified content writers in the team. We first want to speak to you about your business goals and preference before we take on the writing task. We charge $1000 for up to 1500 words of content. Then we charge $250 for each 500 words block text. 

Do I need website ?

When you are growing as a  business, your website is your weapon to beat the competitors. You can lose the race if your clients do not find the needed information easily on your website. They also judge by the look and feel of the website. Our technically optimised website will deliver results for you. 

Is the website technically sound?

We deliver a website that is technically optimised. We work with you to make sure that your business vision is best reflected in the design.

Web design with SEO package available ?
Yes, Website integrated with SEO package is available. Contact us for further information.
What is the normal delivery time ?

Delivery time depends on the package you have chosen. But if you need it urgently, contact us with your time frame. Urgent delivery might attract extra charges.

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One Year Support 

All Website packages come with one year free support. It also possible to buy separate support and maintenance package for your existing website.