How to find the best web designer ?

Finding a web designer that suits your needs and budget is not always easy. Most of the time, it is confusing and time-consuming as well as out of understanding as it is too technical.

But there is way out. We have identified some key standards of best of the best web designer. You can follow these steps to identify the best web designer around.

1. Ask, Ask and always Ask
Check their websites in details. Don’t hesitate to send a message or call them. A Lot of things depend on their response.
If the response is too late, don’t go for it.
If the response is too weird, don’t go for it.
If the response is not customized, don’t go for it.
Ask for at least one reference website
Ask for one to one talk with a web designer
Ask which platform are they going to use. Eg. WordPress, etc

2. Support is too important
Just designing a website is not enough. It requires ongoing support and updates as your business needs might change and your preference might have evolved. Most of the time, you don’t know what you want to achieve from your website, you realize it when the website goes live. You get feedback when it is public to your customer. It is highly likely, you need support, update and changes in website structure as well after your website once completed and handed over to you.

3.SEO in Mind
In simple words, your website is going to be google friendly? If your website is not a search engine friendly, it does not make sense in the present scenario.
If you want to do good in google ranking, your website needs to be developed in a way considering SEO in mind. You have to confirm with your web designer regarding SEO. If your web designer does not know about SEO or does not consider SEO, it is better to find another web designer who has these abilities.

4. Device compatibility
There are many devices in the market, Your website has to be equally good on all the devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Nowadays, the majority of traffic comes from mobile devices, it is so important that your website fits into these small devices.
You have to make sure with your web designer your website is responsive to all sorts of devices that your potential customer may use.

5. Understanding your business
Your web designer has to understand your business and its scope to design the best layout for you. Web designer with previous experience with the same category of your business greatly matters.
The web designer is also like a doctor, if the doctor has already cured one disease, next time, with the same disease, he will be more effective and timely. It applies to your next web designer too.

6. Speed is crucial
Does your next web designer know how to optimize the speed of the websites? Websites with beautiful graphics, images, and video will go wastage if it does not load quickly.

There is a lot of things to be considered while designing websites that renders quick. Your next web designer has to have skill and experience to make your websites really fast.

And don’t forget to notice the speed of the reference website provided by your potential web designer.

7. Beautiful but simple design
Beauty comes from simplicity, this exactly applies to the business websites. Complex and vague website does not work for business at all. It confuses customers, does not earn trust and fails to captures lead or desired activity in the website. Your next web designer should know this simple science of website engineering.

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